Hari Lena Group is located in a such way with a purpose to provide the maximum geographic coverage of the country and in the same time to guarantee the minimum travel time at the lowest cost. At Hari Lena Group, our facilities reflects to our goals and for that reason we provide only top products and services so as to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The building facilities of Hari Lena Group which are based in the capital of the country Tirana, cover a total surface of 5000m2 which include buildings and offices of 2,500m2. In Tirana, is based Hari Lena Group Distribution Center, BMW Albania, Birra Tirana and Hari Lena Group main offices.

Just 30 minutes away from the capital Tirana, in one of the most ancient and economically cities of Albania, Durres is located Hari Lena Group, Sea Salt Albania production facilities and offices.

In Permet, in one of most beautiful and panoramic places in South Albania, almost 230 kilometres from the capital Tirana and only 30 kilometres from the Greek border are based Trebeshina Ltd production facilities and offices. Trebeshina natural mineral water offers a production capacity of more than 160 million liters per year.

In Gjirokaster, South Albania is based the second distribution center of Hari Lena Group. With a total surface of 7,300 m2 including buildings and offices of 3,500m2 Hari Lena Group provide a huge capacity warehouse in the heart of South Albania.