Tomato Products
  • Primo Gusto Tomato Paste

    Primo Gusto Tomato Paste

    Available in 140 gr and 410 gr

    Package: 12 and 12

  • Primo Gusto Napolitain Sauce

    Primo Gusto Napolitain Sauce

    Available in 350 gr

    Package: 12

  • Primo Gusto Arrabbiata Sauce

    Primo Gusto Arrabbiata Sauce

    Available in 350 gr

    Package: 12

  • Primo Gusto Pesto Sauce

    Primo Gusto Pesto Sauce

    Available in 135 gr

    Package: 12

  • Primo Gusto Tomatera

    Primo Gusto Tomatera

    Available in 500 gr

    Package: 12

  • Primo Gusto Classic

    Primo Gusto Classic

    Available in 400 gr

    Package: 12


Primo Gusto Sauces

Made of the finest tomatoes and with the most modern production methods, Primo Gusto tomato products offer irresistible quality and tastiness, satisfying even theā€¦most demanding customers. Our long experience and the success story of our company in tomato products constitute a guarantee for that.

The Primo Gusto series of tomato products includes: slightly concentrated tomato juice (Passata), slightly concentrated tomato juice with basil and onion (Passata Mediterranean taste), chopped tomato, chopped tomato with onion, chopped tomato with basil and onion (Mediterranean taste) and double concentrated tomato paste.