Sea Salt
  • Rosa Black

    Rosa Black

    Available in 500 gr and 1 kg

    Package: 24 and 12

  • Rosa White

    Rosa White

  • Rosa Powder

    Rosa Powder

  • Rosa Table Salt

    Rosa Table Salt

    Available in 250 gr, 400 gr and 500 gr

    Package: 30, 30 and 24

  • Marina White

    Marina White

    Available in 500gr and 1 kg

    Package: 24 and 12

  • Marina Red

    Marina Red

    Available in 500 gr

    Package: 24

  • Niky


    Available in 500 gr

    Package: 24

  • Sea Salt Albania Marina

    Sea Salt Albania Marina

    Available in 25 kg

    Package: 1

  • Sea Salt Albania Dolphin

    Sea Salt Albania Dolphin

    Available in 10 kg

    Package: 1


Sea Salt Albania


After 20 years of experience and successful sales in the field of iodized sea salt products in the Albanian market, Hari Lena Group decided to make a huge investment by creating its own iodized sea salt.

Sea Salt Albania Company produces excellent products which are used for cooking as well as table use. Sea salt method of process ensures the production of absolutely clean salt grain which also maintains all natural substances

With the expand of the product line and as well as with the salt process facilities Sea Salt Albania only in the first year of production has created a strong reputation as one of the finest and purest iodized sea salt not only in the Albanian market but also to Kosovo and Montenegro.