Wash Additives
  • Eureka Classic

    Eureka Classic

    EUREKA Classic, a product being synonymous to “whiteness” for more than 50 years, is now new and improved. Its new generation formula with powerful whitening agents and active oxygen, guarantees absolute cleanliness and bright whites, even for clothes with the toughest stains.

    It dynamically boosts detergent performance, offering the cleanest and brightest results for your clothes, even at the lowest temperatures (from 30ºC). Use new generation EUREKA Classic and watch your white garments… becoming revitalized with every wash.

    Available in 75 gr

    Package: 144

  • Eureka Tables

    Eureka Tables

    EUREKA Tablets is the smartest choice for perfect whites! Their innovative composition with active oxygen and enzymes, boost the performance of any detergent. Their effervescent action gradually releases the tablets cleaning power, achieving a perfect result. They eliminate the toughest stains, even in cold water. They dissolve completely and do not leave residues. Their dosage is pre-measured when in tablet form, making them easy to use, economic, guaranteeing a perfectly clean result every time.

    Available in 270 gr

    Package: 12 tablets

  • Eureka Oxygen

    Eureka Oxygen

    EUREKA Oxygen’s new and advanced formula with active oxygen and extra cleaning agents, offers powerful cleaning action, effectively removing the toughest stains, even at the lowest temperatures.

    Available in 500 gr

    Package: 16

  • Eureka Senso

    Eureka Senso

    With EUREKA Senso, thanks to the cleaning power of active oxygen, even the toughest stains can be effectively removed. It can be safely used directly onto the stain or on both white and colored garments where chlorine can’t be used.

    Available in 1 L

    Package: 12