• Trebeshina 0,80 L NATYRAL

    Trebeshina 0,80 L NATYRAL

    Available in 0,80 L

    Package: 12

    Pallets: 125×12

  • Trebeshina 0,35 L NATYRAL

    Trebeshina 0,35 L NATYRAL

    Available in 0,35 L

    Package: 12

    Pallets: 180×12

  • Trebeshina 0,25 L NATYRAL

    Trebeshina 0,25 L NATYRAL

    Available in 0,25 L

    Package: 12

    Pallets: 220×12

  • Trebeshina 1.5 L  Natyral

    Trebeshina 1.5 L Natyral

    Available in 1.5 L

    Package: 6

    Pallets: 84×6

  • Trebeshina 0.5 L  Natyral

    Trebeshina 0.5 L Natyral

    Available in 0.5 L

    Package: 12

    Pallets: 140×12

  • Trebeshina 1.5 L i Gazuar

    Trebeshina 1.5 L i Gazuar

    Available in 1.5 L

    Package: 6

    Pallets: 84×6

  • Trebeshina 0.5 L i Gazuar

    Trebeshina 0.5 L i Gazuar

    Available in 0.5 L

    Package: 6

    Pallets: 84×6

  • Trebeshina 0.5 L Sportiv

    Trebeshina 0.5 L Sportiv

    Available in 0.5 L

    Package: 12

    Pallets: 120×12

  • Trebeshina 18.9 L Natyral

    Trebeshina 18.9 L Natyral

    Available in 18.9 L

    Package: 1

më shumë
më pak


One of earth treasures

Born in the heart of the mountain for more than a few centuries ago the source of natural mineral water Trebeshina located at “Gryka e kelcyres” is simply a natural miracle. Always dedicated to our philosophy we do not touch the water in order you to have pleasure of only pure natural water with an incomparable taste directly from Mother Nature. Every single drop of Trebeshina contains the real essence of purity of this hidden treasure under the earth’s surface.

Certified pure water

Trebeshina water has been analyzed and awarded for its purity and insuperable quality by the Albanian Health Institute, the certified German Analytical Institute Reitzler GmbH, theTUVRheinland CERT with ISO 9001-HACCP 22000 and also by the Greek Public Health Institute.

Facilities and Technology

The best product deserve the best technology

In a wonderful landscape that nature has offered, about 200m from the river Vjosa terrace, is build the biggest part of the building where the Trebeshina mineral natural water is filled.

On 40,000 square metres of land, a modern plant is erected with bottling, warehousing and dispatch hall on a built-up area of 11,000 square metres and with a production capacity of more than 160 million liters per year.

In Trebeshina we know that only by having the best technology we can offer the best quality products and meet the highest standard. For that reason only the best world’s technology from KRONES AG is introduced. The water packaging is realized through a PET line offered by the prestigious German company KRONES AG.


Trebeshina Natural Mineral Water Company and UNICEF have launched a joint communication initiative for Children in Albania. Trebeshina water bottles will carry important messages for parents and the public at large. The messages will be displayed on the bottles of water that Trebeshina is expecting to sell during the next 12 months.
The first message to be printed on each bottle is: Talk, play and read to your child
We are proud that Trebeshina natural mineral water bottles will carry the message “talk, play and read to your child” and also especially proud to be the first Albanian water brand that support this huge campaign.

Trebeshina and Unicef labels for a better start in our children’s lives.